Science Fiction test post

The corpse lay in a pool of blood.  Two gashes ran along the whole of its left forearm, following the path of the ulnar and radial arteries.

The robot stood above, looking upon it with morbid curiosity.  Two long cuts, each one twenty two centimetres long, had taken precious little time to remove the body’s life force.

How did the loss of this red liquid stop a heart beating?  Did the electrical currents exit the body with it?

The robot, named George for his curious nature, picked up the body and placed it on the operating table.

He had promised his master he would revive him before he killed him.


3 responses

  1. I’m confused–is the body actually already dead, or is there still something for George to revive? Or is that detail still to come? Anyway, congratulations on the promotion from aspiring writer to serious contender–I’m sure you can handle the terrain. I am wondering about the Venus story and about Sayeh and Zia, however, and about the WIP–don’t want to get TOO many irons in the fire!

    1. That detail is still to come. It is a science fiction short story, likely following On Venusian Cloud Colony Number Nine. It is in the vein of horror and steampunk. The body is dead, but the robot made a promise, and now the trick is if he can fulfill it.

      And yes, many fires will likely burn hands. Juggling OVCC#9 and Sayeh & Zia is a battle at the moment, with the latter winning out. I broke the writing cycle and wrote two S&Z scenes back to back.

      1. Good on you, as you Australians and the Canadians say!

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