Works now onsite

For ease of access, my works have been transferred onto this website in PDF format.

‘Mune and Mura’ resides on the ‘Completed Works’ page.  I wrote the story in November 2012.  I did not believe myself able to compete with the rigours of the true NaNoWriMo.  After thirty days, a work of fifty-nine pages, containing thirty two thousand, six hundred and sixty eight words, was completed.

Under ‘Stories in Progress’ reside my current projects.  The science fiction story ‘On Venusian Cloud Colony Number Nine’ is accompanied by the fantasy story ‘Sayeh and Zia’.  The latter story landed almost fully-formed while writing the former, so the pair are now competing for my attention.

Please have a read of the three stories, and any feedback you can provide would be appreciated.

The new additions to the stories will be posted on a regular basis.

Tomorrow, I shall post about some fellow fantasy fiction writers who have caught my attention on my traversal of WordPressland.


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  1. Thanks for visit. Good luck your endeavors.

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