Fellow Aspiring Writers, and WHY?

There are times when word and logic fail you.  The actions of others that just leave you at a complete loss.  How could any person feel justified in that course of action?

One can hope that those adversely affected can, in time, find closure and peace.  It will by no means be an easy road, but I hope they can reach its end.

– ☮ –

Today’s post will provide another four aspiring fantasy writer’s accounts.

1)            Hero Fantasy Fiction

Peter Wiebe is the author of this blog.  The site is dedicated to the memory of his eldest son, Jesse, who fought a brave battle with a rare form of cancer.  Peter strives to create stories with the sort of heroes Jesse loved, and hopes that they inspire readers.

One of the stories on this website is entitled The Sinner Series.  We meet the character the series is named after, who ponders what he has become.  From there, we move back in time to an event Sinner shared with two companions, Rayn and Tinker.  Coming across a destroyed village, they seek to find the cause of the destruction…

Be sure to give it a read.  Peter’s building towards a key event is impressively done, with both suspense and dread awaiting you.

2)            A Rude Awakening

Rebekah Brown describes herself as ‘a writer/reader/student/expat who loves cats.  And The Lord of the Rings.  A lot.’  Such a description is the cornerstone of her writing style; being able to say much with few words.  A worthy attribute for an author.

The title of the site is the title of the story.  Opening with the tried and true fairy tale beginning, we are whisked to the land of Aurora.  The King and Queen desperately wish for the child they have not been able to have together.  They do so for themselves, the people and the restless, ambitious nobles.

Does their wish come true? Read on to find out!

3)            The Hermit

At this site we meet the author who writes under the pen name of Michelle Mythe.  She writes both fiction and non-fiction, and has the admirable habit of ‘reading everything I can get my hands on’.  With such a wide net of inspiration, the writing can only be good.

And with The Weaver, it is indeed.  We meet Liliath, a foster child who is rapidly approaching her seventeenth year.  With that comes the need to consider her options, which are less than ideal due to her less than friendly foster mother, amongst other things.  With a bleak view ahead, can her mysterious past provide an alternate path for Liliath?  Is there anyone who can help her?

4)            Read Sam’s Work

The mysterious Sam writes as a hobby to balance out the ‘whirlwind that is life’.  Life is that, and any productive avenue to help one keep their bearings is a good thing.

The ‘untitled story in the process of being written’ follows Meylinn Nara, a ‘sinewy strong’ woman of ‘fifty-and-some years’.  She seeks people to welcome into the village she has lived in for over a decade.  She longs to find a daisy amongst the ‘dung heap’ of society’s outcasts that come her way.

But what do two new arrivals, taken in due to terrible weather, mean to the village and its future?  What is Meylinn’s objective?  Start from here, and enjoy.


3 responses

  1. Hi, DJ. Your opening section sounds as if you are mullling over something that has unfortunately happened to someone you know–is there any way to write about it, to process it outright? It sounds a little mysterious as it is, and I can’t think what to say to help.

    1. Hi Doc!

      This post was written just after the tragic events in Boston, hence the opening sequence.

      1. Ah, I see. Now I understand. U. S. television has been following the progress out of the hospitals and into rehab of the people who were injured, so we’re getting a sense of healing; maybe you’ll get some on Aussie tv too before long.

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