Fellow Aspiring Writers for 19 April 2013

Welcome to the latest entry.  Thank you all for your support.  Visitors have come from far and wide to have a look.  Australia, the US and the UK have been the most prevalent, while some visitors have popped by from Austria, Hungary, Hungary and the Isle of Man.  Here’s hoping that my visitors will one day come from all parts of the world =)

I wish to apologise in advance.  There is a high probability that my bandwidth for the month will be used before time.  Neverless, I will attempt to find a way to keep to my posting schedule.

As will be the pattern, each Tuesday and Friday will provide links to other aspiring writers.  There will be 4 on Tuesdays, and 3 on Fridays.  The time lag will hopefully give you time to give the suggested sites a thorough investigation =)

Today’s post begins the week of Science Fiction links.  The trio of writers I found were particularly good in their own ways, so be sure to check out their work!

1)            The Weltschmerz Collection

H. Ken Abell is the talented author of this site.  The site is named after a German term that means world-weary, such as when the hopes and dreams of a person can never be satisfied by the world they live in.  The author provides stories in all literary forms, ranging from ‘full of humour (albeit usually of the dry and self-deprecating sort), absurd goings-on, and occasionally the macabre.’

The short story Zero Hour follows a couple who have left Earth, hoping to aid in establishing a new colony.  I cannot say much that will not spoil the events of the story, but things do not go according to plan…  Head on over and check it out, and there is plenty more of the author’s work to read if you like it =)

2)            Mike Kern

The author’s name goes without saying.  Mike is a well-studied man, earning his Masters in Creative Writing in 2008 from Rosemont College.  He is lucky enough to work for a large video game firm (the number of which seem to be dwindling recently), and hope the Quality Assurance he speaks entails beta-testing.

He paints a vivid scene in his story, entitled The Blood.  The story currently follows Aderyn Medani, a seventeen-year-old girl who is looking for the ‘Spark’ that the others in her family have.  It seems the process of arranging a marriage is beginning.  Be sure to check it out, as there are ten portions of the story to be enjoyed =)

3)            Not Dot

The content for this site is provided by Justin.  A short story of his appeared on my Reader, accompanied by a picture of the library on the island of Myst.  How could one not click to see what it led to?

The short story is part of the larger story of ‘Amaleia and the Duke’.  The story starts here, with Amaleia giddy with excitement at her impending nuptials.  Her caring Nan suggests that she visit her ‘friend’ before the arrival of the husband-to-be.  The story goes on, and shows much promise in scene-setting and building to pivotal moments.


…  Oops, I missed the midnight deadline by 15 minutes.  Well, there will be two posts for today then.


4 responses

  1. Not only am I thrilled to be included in your list, but I must say that is a great idea! I’m just beginning to build my network of fellow writers on wordpress and this will be a great help! I’ll be investigating to other authors eagerly.

    1. Same here. It was wonderful to be noticed and included, thank you!

      1. No worries at all Mike. I am a sucker for a good fantasy or sci-fi story, and I can tell that ‘The Bloods’ ticks most of the boxes just from the first scene =)

    2. My pleasure. Aspiring writers need all the encouragement they can get, and sharing our experiences can only help us improve our abilities =)

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