Fellow aspiring writers for 26 April 2013

I was most interested on searching Historical Fiction in WordPress, seeing what would be in there outside of book reviews… and it seems there is nothing at all.

All that is there are book reviews.  Does this mean there is an awesome strike rate for writing historical fiction?

Since there are no WordPress posts by aspiring writers the genre, I may have to come up with some other way to involve historical fiction in my posts.

That could indeed be the ‘unique’ thing to bring to a WordPress account.  A serialised Historical Fiction series!

What do you think?  Suggestions or feedback are welcomed =)


3 responses

  1. Historical Fiction is not so much my thing. BUT I do know of a published Hist-Fic author on wordpress (at least I think its hist-fic). I just read a steampunk anthology that he was published in. You’ll find him here:


    1. Hi Justin. Thanks for the info, I will be sure to check out David William Wilkin’s work =)

      Haha, you make me worried for ‘Mune and Mura’. I replace every name, but it is Historical Fiction at its heart. Here’s hoping my mixing of folklore regarding the two leads helps make it more palatable =)

  2. […] Many a post ago, I was quite distraught at the lack of historical fiction writers posting their works on WordPress.  Where there seemed no end to Science Fiction and Fantasy Fiction prospects, the Historical Fiction area was flooded with book reviews. […]

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