How do you like your dismemberment and mutilation?

Some questions for you, reader…

Do you like horror; the sensation of being revolted to the point of loss of bodily function?

Do you like terror; being scared to the point you either freeze or run?

What is worse?  Seeing a mutilated body, or sensing that something unknown is stalking you?

What instils horror or terror in you?

Your most memorable instance of horror?

Your most memorable instance of terror?

Has something normally considered horrific ever been made funny?


– Mo –


My answers to the above.

Absolutely not!

Absolutely not!

The terror of the unknown would outweigh the horror of the known, but the horror would likely lead to the terror of what caused it…

Anything with leaking bodily fluids, unattached limbs, or feelings of malevolent surveillance.  Mix them all in to one package…  I guess that makes a Necromorph my scariest thing.  Lucky I’ve never played Dead Space then!

The video log in Event Horizon.  Who has the mind to think that stuff up?  That is a little terrifying in its own regard.

The girl coming out of the television in The Ring.

Yes.  The gunshot to the face in Pulp Fiction.


– Mo –


Does not liking it mean I won’t use it in my short stories?  No.  There is my short story entitled ‘Robot Ripper’ for a later day.

Will it be in my big project?  Absolutely.  It is the best possible way to enact the ‘Game Changer’ in Book 4.


2 responses

  1. For me, the scariest stuff is what you don’t see because my imagination is my worst enemy. There are two things that are the most horrifying to me. “The Blair Witch Project” was, by far, the scariest movie in the history of human/duck-kind. And you never. See. Anything. You have a very lmited view because you only see it through their cameras, then you sometimes hear stuff, but you never see a thing. And you just know at the end, when they go into that abandoned house, that something awful will happen. What scares me, too, is I’ve been to the general area where the movie took place, and I’ve seen many abandoned houses in the woods just like that one. I’m staying far, far away from there now.

    Another really scary thing was an episode of “Dr. Who”. It was the first episode I ever saw with these things called the Weeping Angels. They look like pretty angel statues covering their faces, but you look away or blink for just a second, and suddenly, they’re in another place. This is similar to “Blair Witch” because you still kind of never see anything. You see them, but you never see them move. They only move when you look away because they turn to stone when you see them, and eventually, they don’t look so nice anymore. And the characters were dealing with them in an abandoned house (always abandoned houses), and it was eventually impossible to look at all of the angels at once. Oh, the horror! These two things made it hard to sleep!

    And forgive my language, but the movie, ahem, “Kick Ass” (I’m sorry, I don’t usually use profanity!) managed to have funny violence involving a young girl violently killing a bunch of thugs while silly music plays. It’s terrible, but they made it funny because the people were gross, so you kind of, well, wanted them to die. Do I sound horrible? But, hey, you asked. I had to respond.

    1. In an abandoned house (or space), no one can hear you scream. Tried and true horror and terror method =)

      Having not seen BWP, I agree completely with your assessment of your mind making things far scarier than any writer or game developer could dream up… although the zombies from RE4 and Necromorphs go dang close to being just as scary when you see them instead of just hearing them.

      Killing terrible people in gruesome ways? That sounds very ‘Dexter’.
      No, people who do horrible things to others do deserve a degree of retribution levelled against them. Do unto others, as the say =)

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