Historical Fiction for 30 April 2013

Since there is little in the way of Historical Fiction stories on WordPress, I thought that some historical fiction novels should be mentioned.  My focus is around the end of the first millennium, and hopefully I will find a novel each with European, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern focus.

– Tu –


The novel that caught my attention in this area is Shadow On The Crown, written by Patricia Bracewell.  The novel, and the planned series of books, follows the life of Emma of Normandy.  The young Emma is chosen as the new wife of King Æthelred II, and relocates to England in 1002.

The link above goes to the WordPress account She Reads Novels, which gives a very good synopsis of the book.


Being directed to Goodreads, I came across the novel Samarkand, written by Amin Maalouf and translated by Russell Harris.  This novel pushes into the late 1000’s AD, with main character Omar Khayyám being born in 1048.  With an average rating of 4.15 stars (so precise!) from a possible 5, garnered from 4,240 ratings as I type, the novel sounds intriguing.


In 1000 AD, the Northern Song dynasty in China was being ruled by Emperor Zhenzong.  Japan had been in the Heian Period for just over two hundred years, and was being ruled by Emperor Ichijo.  Korea had been known as the Kingdom of Goryeo  for just over eighty years, and was ruled by King Mokjong.

So many powerful and long-lived dynasties, yet no historical fiction novels on them!  For shame historical fiction writers!  It seems the closest we get is a television series from 2009 entitled Empress Cheonchu.

– Tu –

It seems I have picked the period inspiring my ‘Big Project’ well  =)


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