Fellow aspiring writers for 03 May 2013

PROLOGUE:        I must apologise for not posting for two days.  My internet quota maxed out with a day left on the billing cycle.  It was somewhat helpful that the time difference refreshed my quota two hours early, but starting research and writing at 10pm at night is not viable anymore; the days of doing so for university studies are long gone.  There will be an extra post for the next two days, in order to get back on the ‘post a day’ I aim to maintain.

– Fr –

The ‘Aspiring writers’ post has returned to Fantasy Fiction.  Fantasy Fiction, as well as Science Fiction, has a prominent place on WordPress.  Today’s list will be two fantasy fictions and one science fiction.

Please see below some authors you should take the time to investigate.  It will be worth your while =)

1)            Storyteller Davis

I was honoured that Paul, the author of this site, noticed some work on my previous site.  Alongside Len, who was mentioned in a previous post, Paul is member of the Legends Undying website.

Of the many great stories upon his site, one of his newer creations is the story of ‘Lord Ariden and Lady Laurin’.  The Lord of the story seems to be involved in a case of unrequited love, but is still being earnest in his attempts to secure his Lady.  However, this is only one aspect of the story.  The story was meant to be a one-post story, but thankfully Paul has seen fit to extend the story.

2)            Aimless and Dreary

The mysterious provider of content for this page does not state their name, but notes that the site’s content is quite an eclectic mix.

One of the promising items in the page is a story entitled Wheel.  The first entry of the series sees the reader upon a sentient spaceship that is returning to its home world after being away for an extended length of time.  The author’s writing style is catchy and very amusing in parts.  A computer deliberately having multiple personality disorder so it has someone to talk to?  Brilliant!

The story’s eleventh instalment was posted recently, so there is more than enough to keep a reader occupied.  I certainly hope the writer continues the story, as it is promising thus far.

3)            Lisa Marie Meier

Lisa has ambitious plans to write a trilogy entitled ‘The Four Fallen’.  The current Fallen we are seeing is Sara, who returns from a disconcerting state back into a situation that is even more so.

I have read up to the fifth part of Chapter 1, and it is an engrossing read.  The latest post was part nineteen of Chapter 5.  As with Aimless and Dreary, there is an abundance of reading available.

– Fr –


2 responses

  1. Thanks for the mention! Hopefully I’ll keep you entertained. Thanks for the other writers as well. Look forward to checking them out.

    1. No worries at all. Your works deserves to have more eyes looking at them =)

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