Reading Status for 09 May 2013

Still working my way through ‘Arabian Nights’.  Due to its bulkiness, and ‘Persian Pink’ cover, it probably makes for quite a sight on the train trips.

Thankfully, the women seemed to have become less the terrible things they were in the beginning.  That it was even that way in the beginning was surprising, considering Shahzerade was the lady telling the tales.  It must have been a way to not be caught out by King Shahryar, and she subtly changed the role of the women throughout the stories in order to loosen his destructive belief of them.

Of all things to appear in the book, none was as surprising as the robot Pegasus.  Whoever thought that up deserves a medal!

After almost two weeks of reading, recognisable characters outside of Shahzerade are appearing.  The story I begin tomorrow starts a 10-story set involving Sindbad, with Aladdin and Ali Baba to follow later.

Excited to get back into the ‘Forgotten Realms’ next, and then into my next six-book cycle.  I will be starting a classic historical fiction series, the ‘Tide Lords’ series will conclude, the true Dark One is finally being unleashed on Randland, and I will read a classic Chinese novel that inspired one of my favourite TV series of my younger years.


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