Fellow aspiring writers for 14 May 2013

Today I return to the first WordPress account I found when I began my ‘Aspiring Writers’ exercise.

SAM is the writer of From My Write Side, and her story The Elven Games has reached an impressive eleven instalments.  The titular remains in the future, with SAM opting to develop her characters further.  The focus of this has been Edgar, the noble yet insecure young warrior, and Tribba, the dwarven lady who convinced him to take up the challenge.

The pair has found themselves in perilous situations in recent times, with the lady going so far as to call on extra help to get her young charge prepared.  These situations have come to highlight their vulnerabilities and deep-set fears, while also helping to forge a deeper bond between them.

Looking at SAM’s front page, she is proving quite the prolific writer in different areas.  And she is also a helpful one, regularly running or participating in Master Classes.  That she can be both the teacher and the student is the epitome of what a writer should be; bold and confident enough to share and guide, while also being humble enough to know there is always more to be learned.

Be sure to check out her work; I know I will be =)

– Tu –

I am looking for a visual muse for another character in my ‘Big Project’.  They do not appear until the opening chapter of Book 2, and the reader’s meeting of her is in an OMG! way.

The defining prerequisite:  The person needs to be able to look plain or even plain geeky, but also be able to drop jaws when required.

I have discovered two candidates:  Meghan Ory and Cobie Smulders.

For those who watch ‘Once Upon A Time’, we all know and love Meghan as Ruby ‘Red’ Lucas.  She may be best suited since some of her scenes in OUAT were quite confronting in their presentation.  And no, shape-shifting is not a requirement of my character.

On a personal note, any girl who can look good rocking a Joker Smile gets a tick from me.  Thanks to Google Images and Hawtcelebs for the picture.

The many ‘How I Met Your Mother’ fans know Cobie better as Robin Scherbatsky.  I do not watch the show, but have noted her attractiveness.  In terms of my prerequisite, a Google Images search of her proves she can glam it up very well, while other photos show her as very plain.

The two girls link together well.  Both are Canadian, both are born the same year as me, and both are pretty without relying on other ‘assets’ to grab attention.  A fuller figure is preferred normally, since girls starving themselves are the epitome of ‘not cool’.  For my story, their thinner figures play well into the character, who has been on the run for a good amount of time.  No time for good nutrition when you’re being pursued!

– Tu –


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  1. You have me swooning by your review. I am humbled by your praise and thank you for the promotion. I hope to have more Elven Games up soon.

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