Reading Status for 16 May 2013


– Th –


Since the first proper post on the 10th of April 2013, there have been 367 views of the site’s various portions.  That comes to a humble 7 visits per day since its inception.  I would like to thank all who have taken the time to visit the site, and hope it has been worth their while.

That being said, I would love to know the experiences of other WordPress users when it comes to analysing their site visits.  One of biggest tips provided is finding out which posts draw the most viewers to your site, take a good hard look at what makes these pages stand out, and use such knowledge to improve the quality of your other pages.

Well, let’s have a dig into what makes up my 367 visits.

The Bucket 185 50.41%
Fellow Writers 91 24.80%
My Writing 46 12.53%
Reading Lists / Reading Update 33 8.99%
Literary Post 7 1.91%
Mix-It-Up Day 5 1.36%
TOTAL 367 100.00%

What is in ‘The Bucket’?  General posts and general visits.  Visits to the home page/archives comprise 42.23% of total visits.  As Atrus once said in ‘Myst’:  “I have tried to speculate where (the reader) might have landed, and I must admit however, such conjecture is futile.”  I am sure there would be a way to find out what my readers saw on those visits to the home page.  That will be a weekend exercise methinks.

The ‘Fellow Writers’ area is doing very well, with a quarter of all votes.  That I am able to provide a measure of exposure to like-minded storysmiths is a comforting thing.

The ‘My Writing’ category, the essence of the site, makes up one of every eight visits.

The Reading List, both posts and the tracking page, draw some eyes.

That the ‘Literary Topic’ and ‘Mix-It-Up Day’ posts have drawn so few eyes is disappointing.  Quality must be improved in this area.

There’s food for thought.  Better go sleep on the information, and see if an apostrophe (thank you, Schmee!) eventuates…

– Th –




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