Mix-It-Up Day: Starter Kit

So you want to be a writer?  That’s awesome!

Do you have a Bachelor of Arts degree?  No…  That’s perfectly fine.  Hey, you don’t even need a formal education in some cases.  I heard some bloke named Samuel L. Clemens educated himself in libraries, since he couldn’t afford to go to high school.  Another fellow named Leonardo Da Vinci did alright for himself also.

Have you travelled?  No…  With the internet at your disposal, you can travel the world in a different way.  A world of ideas and inspiration awaits you!

A topic you’re passionate about?  Being passionate about a subject matter will guide you, and readers will be able to feel it in your writings.  Find your passion!

Your favourite author?  Everyone who writes cites a particular author who helped guide them to their own writing voice. Start as a terrible writer with a good idea, read widely, find out what you like about a particular author’s style, and use that to meld your own style.

Do you write impulsively, or research and study?  Everyone works differently, so be sure to experiment.  Note story ideas on your phone on train rides home, keep a glittery note pad, a lunchbox filled with post-it notes of ideas…  give them all a go!

Your favourite genre?  Be sure to read outside of it.  The most successful recent ideas have been the melding of ideas from different genres.  Erotic Vampiric, Historical Horror, Sci-Fi Native Folklore…  Your imagination is the limit, and there are probably people out there who didn’t know how much they loved your work!

Why do you write?  Some are driven to be on the New York Bestseller list, some write to share their knowledge, some to get the words out of their head, and others just write because it gives them a sense of accomplishment.  Whatever the reason, it’s a good one!

Like criticism?  There’s likely to be lots of it along the way.  It could be someone not liking it but not being able to say why, people not visiting your site, a full-blown scathing critique, or people close to you not understanding why you do it.  There will be people who support you and guide you, and others who just say bad things.  Find any constructive criticism within the feedback, use it to better yourself, and be sure to let your supporters know how much you appreciate them.


The best (and most basic) starter kit:  An idea or vision, desire to pursue it, and a pen and pad.


Everyone has a story, and an idea that needs to be explored and shared with the world.  Get into it, we want to hear about it =)


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