We see adaptations pretty much everywhere we look.  We and all manners of life adapt to our environments, the environment tries to adapt to its inhabitants, we adapt to each other so we can get along with each other as best we can, and others hopefully do the same for us.

And our favourite adaptations of all:  movies based on books.

Some of the biggest movie series we know were adaptations.  James Bond became an iconic movie character, as have Harry Potter and friends, and the Twilight team.  Despite our opinions of either the novels or the movies, they have quite a bit of money for their publishers and distributors.

– Mo –

A story I am reading now has completely thrown everything I already knew of it.  It only took 423 pages and 3 weeks, but ‘Arabian Nights’ is now up to ‘Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp’.

They throw you in the first sentence.  Aladdin is a Chinaman!  No matter what I read or watched previously, he was always Arabian.

Aladdin is not a street-rat orphan!  He is a lazy ass who refuted his father’s trade, and hung out with the wrong people.

The whole story is based in China!  No Agrabah!

The Sultan is Chinese!

The daughter is not named Jasmine.  She is named Badr, the Arabic female name for ‘full moon’.

There is an evil Vizier, thankfully not named Ja’far (though another Vizier in the story is!).

It was the Vizier’s son who was to marry the Sultan’s daughter, but things did not go according to plan!

The Vizier tries to convince the Sultan not to let Aladdin marry Badr, out of jealousy that his son did not rise to become son-in-law.

The Vizier did not trick Aladdin into retrieving the lamp; a treacherous Moroccan wizard did!

Aladdin had more than the Lamp!  The wizard gave him an enchanted seal-ring, with its own Jinn.

The wishes on both were unlimited!

I guess that Disney should say that their movie is ‘based on the story of Aladdin’.

– Mo –

Despite all this, it does not stop Jasmine being my favourite Disney princess.  Your childhood crushes (9 at the time) never seem to truly leave you  =)

Who thought it somewhat hilarious how much of a stink people kicked up about Merida’s ‘adjustments’  upon her induction into the ‘Princesses’?  I may have to watch ‘Brave’ to find out if the Disney inductors did overstep their mark.


2 responses

  1. That’s crazy about Aladdin. How is Arabian Nights? Worth a read?
    Chinese, huh? Chinese! That’s really not very Arabian at all. :\

    1. It is a very good read, but a long one if you read it end to end. My edition is a hardback copy, with dust sleeve and ‘Persian Pink’ silk-like cover.
      Each page is double column, so though the book is 523 pages it is essentially 1000+ pages. Absolutely worth a read, but I recommend reading it in parts instead of in one fell swoop.

      Totally! The real story ranges from China to Morocco, which would be awesome for modern storylines. Everyone loves a sprawling epic of weird and wonderful locales =)

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