Fellow aspiring writers for 21 May 2013

If there is one way to punish a lax follower of your WordPress account, write something bloody awesome and make them feel bad for not having been there when it started!

J.  Collyer is somewhat pre-occupied with their own ‘Big Project’, entitled The Road Elsewhere.  The novel sits around 50,000 words as of last advice.  From the brief synopsis we are given, it sounds like a great read for any person with a love of the fantasy genre.

Despite this, time was found to jot down some of the other stories floating around in their head.  It is great that this was done, as we now know there is a promising science fiction author in the works also.

The story is entitled Zero.  The first piece of story we are provided follows an army man named Hugo.  After a jarring yet intriguing prologue, we go back in time to follow his first day of a new assignment.  Somewhat put out by not having to show up in his formal gear, he meets Webb, the leader of the crew  upon the spaceship ‘Zero’.  We get a tour of Hugo’s new command, and meet the variety of characters that make up its crew.

In a ‘good news / bad news’ scenario, there is a hearty follow-up post.  Unfortunately, it a somewhat further down the timeline of the story.  Furthermore, ‘Zero’ is a shelved project until J’s ‘Big Project’ is completed.

Please finish ‘The Road Elsewhere’ soon!  You have teased us with Zero, and now we want more!

Everyone else, head on over and give it a read.  You won’t regret it!


2 responses

  1. You are too kind, thank you so much for this. It’s always nice to know that something you’ve written not only makes sense to the reader but might actually even have the potential to become something enjoyable. I cannot express enough my thanks. It’s made me very much look forward to getting to the point where I can actually write this novel!

  2. […] back in May of 2013, I was incredibly lucky to be sent a very early portion of the novel.  Though it was a then-side […]

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