Fellow Aspiring Writers for 24 May 2013

Just over 23 hours ago, my site achieved 25 followers.  Not everyone followed from my previous site, so those that have I owe a debt of gratitude for your faith in my ongoing literary pursuits.

To Joe Warnimont and Book Hub Inc., the perceptive folk who managed to follow my page before it even went live!  Joe beat Book Hub to the punch, but thank you both for what amounted to blind faith =)

To the fabulous “1 month 1 week” team of Valeriu D.G. Barbu (the uber-talented tri-lingual poet!), J. Collyer (the promising talent I mentioned in my last FAW post), Rebekah Brown (The re-spinner of the tried and true OUAT), and Paul Davis (the man who makes us jealous of his amazingly abundant creativity and production).  All of you are inspirational in some shape or form, and make me want to be better at my craft.

The ‘1 month’ quintet of J. Aurel Guay (Another talented writing prospect who has the guts to actively chase the publishing dream!), Opinionated Man (Have to love someone who tells it straight, PC taking a backseat), Ruth Layne (whose misadventures I am missing due to three weeks of silence on her site), Anneque Malchien (East Coast inspiring the West Coast!) and Cheri Kendsley (Whose work I would love to see more of!).

My thanks must be extra humble to the following folk, as I have been terribly lax in checking out their sites.  I promise to begin being extra methodical and working my way through them all!

Banphrionsa (The dream-like nature of her writing makes it is an interesting and trippy ride)

Read Sam’s Work (I’m sensing some subliminal messaging, but I cannot for the life of me figure out why)

Osama Iftikhar (The person who backed my first iffy efforts into poetry)

Lisa Marie Meier (Her ‘Sara The Fallen’ series is one I must make the time to get back into)

Krees87 and Mrs Robinson, the mysterious Gravatar-only pairing.

James the Composer (The couple of musical posts I have listened to have been interesting)

Philip Johnson (Anyone who wants to help you feel better when you’re feeling down is a champion)

Naomi Whiteacre (Finding the time to write after a full day of kiddie rearing is an admirable feat)

Ray Ferrer (Someone I am super jealous of for his awesome artistic skills!)

Glenn Folkes (Living the dream!  A somewhat cruisy job that gives you the money to travel the world)

Gillian Sims (Manners are good, because that means respect; something sorely lacking in modern-day whippersnappers)

Russell Deasley (Some of the top tens shown are just plain kickass! The cupcakes post makes painful fashion accessories delectable!)

And there is one person I have not mentioned.  And that is because he is Fellow Aspiring Writer for today!

Mike Kern is a Master of Creative Writing, which he received in 2008.  Since then, he splits his time between his QA job at a large video game studio (the lucky guy!), and his writing.

I returned to his ongoing serial The Blood.  I read the first part just over a month ago, but got side tracked with getting the site and scheduling organised.  Starting at Part 2 last night, I flew through up to Part 8.

The story really kicked in, with the focus on how the future looked for our protagonist, Aderyn Medani.  Shunned by her family for not sharing a particular trait, an unwilling and unhappy marriage would be arranged for her.  Even worse, she would be treated as the lowest of the low because society also highly regard the trait she is missing.

Things take a turn when a societal bonding event turns in a major way, separating Aderyn from her family and the society that looks down on her.  She ends up interacting closely with another society that she has been interested in, but is finding that the two are going to be clashing in an even more serious way than before.

I highly recommend you get over there and give Mike’s work a read.  Other than this series, he has written some Fan Fiction, and a trio of other original works accompany the serial I have mentioned.


4 responses

  1. Wow, thank you for such a wonderful call-out James! I’ve just been thrilled that you’ve enjoyed the story. Your as-you-read comments are invaluable when this story goes into a second draft. Already you’ve shown me things I didn’t realize I’d done. Brilliant!

    1. I am glad to have helped in any way, shape or form. There is some great stuff on your site, and people need to know about it =)

  2. Thanks for the pitch! I hope I can continue to keep you interested.

    1. My pleasure. You are doing very well so far =)

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