Fellow aspiring writers for 28 May 2013

A persistent writer keeps popping up in my email inbox every day, with a new addition to their ongoing serial story, ‘A Rude Awakening’.

The latest entry, entitled ‘Her Chance’, is the ninth entry into Chapter 11.  That there is that much ready and waiting for you to read is bound to keep you busy =)

The author, Rebekah Brown, I can honestly describe as my favourite Hungarian author.

The story follows the plight of a princess named Arietta.  We start off in her early years, before moving into her teenage years.  Her parents not there to guide her into the role of ruling Aurora, the country is ruled by a Regent named Lord Kame.  There are factions in the nobility that do not see it fitting that a woman, especially a young one such as Arietta, be the ruler.

I have read up to the end of Chapter 6, where the story is being fleshed out by the introduction of another character.  A knight’s page with high ambitions, Bartholomew hopes to one day be a knight himself.  His problem is that his nerves get the best of him, despite the skills he has, and that some of his oversights may cause a lot of grief in the future.

I like Rebekah’s style for its brevity.  The scenes can be large or small, with many coming in at 500 words or less.  The scenes are delivered crisply, giving you just enough information for your mind’s eye to build a scene, and the characters are described in a similar way.

If you have not done so, head on over to ‘A Rude Awakening’ and see what you have been missing out on =)


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