Fellow aspiring writers for 31 May 2013

Who would have thought a cold snap could happen before winter officially starts?  A 1 degree C (34 degree F) morning does not make it easy to drag yourself out of bed.  Furthermore, a similar night makes it hard to stay awake as you catch up on your reading.

I am finally up to date with ‘A Rude Awakening’, having reached the second entry of Chapter 12.  It is impressive that Rebekah has managed to keep the entries coming in the middle of exams.  Her dedication to the story is admirable =)

The Princess Arietta suffers still from attempts on her life, one of which Bartholomew manages to save her from.  The situation leads to a drastic change in fortunes for the page, who was under suspicion for a previous assassination attempt.

Thank you for the story Rebekah, I have enjoyed it greatly, and I hope that more eyes have found their way to your site =)

Now, time for bed.  The matchsticks are beginning to bend =P


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