Fellow aspiring writer for 04 June 2013

Well, that long weekend was certainly jam packed!

A writer I am impressed with is H. Ken Abell, who runs a WordPress site entitled The Weltschmerz Collection.  After reading his short story Zero Hour, a reading of one of his longer stories was required.

One of his books, currently available on iTunes, Amazon and Nook, is entitled Being Human.  Described as ‘a darkly humorous look at a young man suddenly faced with his own untimely mortality’, it follows the life of one Eric Cooper.  After a life of essential anonymity, he is diagnosed with cancer.

Having read up to Chapter 4 thus far, it has been a reflective and somber mood.  Eric reflects on the life he has led thus far, in a mind-numbing job that he has never pushed himself to get away from.  He thinks of the people he has met; love interests, co-workers both dropkick and decent, and the mother he cannot bring himself to tell the bad news.

The most recent chapter had a focus on the brain-numbing effects of too much TV, and how it has played a part in lowering the intellect and standards of the population. From there, it moves on to the pursuit of making a difference in life.  When faced with your imminent death, the questions dropped in the ‘too hard’ basket previously come back to smack you over the head for not trying while you had the greatest chance to.

But Eric seems motivated to take some steps to right that wrong, and I look forward to further chapters of Mr Abell’s work.

Apart from Being Human, there are many more pieces of work on the site.  Be sure to drop by, have a look around, and enjoy the magnetic stylings of the author’s work.  It’s almost like Pringles; once you start, you can’t stop =)


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  1. Reblogged this on The Weltschmerz Collection and commented:
    I am always filled with pride when readers show appreciation for my writing, but this takes that to a whole other level. I am both honoured and humbled by this very flattering review of Being Human specifically, and my writing in general. The fact that you have taken the time to read and give thoughtful response is very validating to me as a writer, and I thank you most sincerely.

  2. I’ve read a couple of the short stories on this blog. This writer is amazing. Thank you for recommending him to me.

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