Fellow writers for 07 June 2013

How to pick just one author to highlight when there is so much awesomeness to choose from?

There have been two on my mind, but for different reasons.

I have mentioned J. Collyer quite a lot recently, highlighted as the FAW for the 21st of May for her awesome work on Zero.  There was a tease of possible sketches of the main characters, Webb and Hugo, though also mentioned were the same for the two characters of her own ‘Big Project’.  As The Road Elsewhere is the focus, currently at 85,000 words, I would bet some pounds sterling the latter pair would be the characters to get their sketches done.

J. has created a page with easy links to all her short stories, which helps ensure the statistics note the right pages instead of terribly general ‘Home Page / Archives’ line.  The same was done for novel excerpts, which is currently holding the various portions of Zero.

The other has been Anneque G. Malchien, who I have been lax in following recently.  Nothing is worse than a dose of flu, but she is back up and running The Writer’s Bar.  Having answered the Writer’s Challenge, Anneque has me scared with the next challenge’s promise of being ‘the sexy challenge!’.

Anneque commented on one of my posts regarding challenging genres and archetypes.  She mentioned mixing things up with a cyberpunk story in a swamp setting, and now it is stuck in my head!  I now have a reworded cyberpunk version of ‘Born on the Bayou’ by Creedence Clearwater Revival, entitled “Built on ‘The Bayou’”.

You are welcome to it Anneque, as I have to some degree stolen an idea.  It caught my attention, so I believe that you should pursue it =)


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