Mix-It-Up Day: God in a story…

I hope you all have had a good weekend thus far =)

Many a story out there involves a higher power.  It can be the well-known traditional gods:  God, Allah, Zeus, Ra, Hormazd, Brahman, the Sky Father…  the list goes on.  They can mortals given powers such as immortality, such as the eponymous Tide Lords in the Jennifer Fallon series.

How about a Fallen God? Can anyone name an example of such a character?

Satan came to mind, but he was a fallen angel.  Hercules was a demi-god, having Zeus as his father and a mortal as his mother.  Kratos from the ‘God of War’ video game series…  I do not know if any of you are currently playing the games, so I best not give anything away.

So, we have characters with god-like powers having fallen from grace in some way.  What if God himself fell from power?

The Greeks had this happen many times throughout their mythology.  Uranus is widely (but not universally) considered the primordial male god, with Gaia the primordial female god.  He was overthrown by his son Cronos.  In a case of déjà vu, he was overthrown by his son Zeus.  I do not believe that, anywhere in true mythology, Zeus was overthrown.  Third time’s the charm, hey?

If God fell from power, how would you have it happen?


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  1. I’ve got an answer for you, potentially, in the fallen god question. Monsters’ Den: Book of Dread, the only computer game I’ve ever played with any regularity, supposedly has (and has been delayed having for a long time now) a new couple of games coming out, one called Monsters’ Den: Chronicles and another called Monsters’ Den: Godfall. The Godfall one is listed by synopsis or summary on the Internet, though I believe people are still waiting to play it. But if you search, you ought to be able to find it. I hope this helps.

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