Fellow aspiring writers for 11 June 2013

Many a post ago, I was quite distraught at the lack of historical fiction writers posting their works on WordPress.  Where there seemed no end to Science Fiction and Fantasy Fiction prospects, the Historical Fiction area was flooded with book reviews.

On a whim, I opened the Historical Fiction area up in my WordPress reader yesterday.  Lo and behold, a pair of works jumped straight out at me!

The first story I found is written by Margaret McNellis, and is titled ‘Out of the Sea’.  Set in the year 1886, the story looks to follow young William Johnson on a sea-bound adventure, alongside his friend Thomas.  The prologue sets the scene for the boys’ departure, with the promises of vengeance and disownment.  The story link gives easy access to Chapters 1 through 4, so there is no reason to not head on over and start enjoying the promising series =)

The second story… well, stories actually, come from Valiowk.  The author shares a love of Chinese history, with her works set in the Three Kingdoms period, starting in the late 100’s AD and moving into the mid-200’s.  The site’s index currently provides links to three stories:  Lu Xun—Thirteen Perspectives, Those Days in Wuchang, and In Conversation and Laughter.  For those who like to see the evolution of the author’s writing style, there are links to both original and revised versions.

It is exciting to finally have some promising works in the historical fiction on WordPress!  Be sure to head on over and give them a read, and show some support for an underrepresented section in the WordPress arena =)


4 responses

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words and shout out! I’m glad you’re enjoying ‘Out of the Sea’ and hope you continue to enjoy what I have in store for William, Thomas & Catherine!

  2. Hello James,

    Thank you for your support and the link! Hope Lu Xun—Thirteen Perspectives, Those Days in Wuchang, and In Conversation and Laughter—Lu Su don’t disappoint you! (A note to other readers of this blog: please jump directly to the revised versions of Lu Xun—Thirteen Perspectives and Those Days in Wuchang; the original version is on my blog more for archival purposes.)

    Also, a tiny detail: I’m female. 🙂


    1. My apologies. I did not find that defining note on your site, and therefore tried to use gender-neutral terms. It seems every instance but one was addressed =\

      I have adjusted accordingly =)

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