Reading Status for 13 June 2013

Oh E3, you ruthless destroyer of data allowance!  Thank goodness you rear your irresistible countenance but once a year.

All I can say is:  Since they are borrowing from Super Mario Brothers 2, I hope Wart finally makes a comeback!

– Th –


3 responses

  1. Oooo Master and Commander. That’s one of my favourite movies. I got the audiobook because I enjoyed the film so much but it appears to be vastly different. Are the events in the movie just one small part of the book?

    1. The book would seem the introduction, as there is quite a lot of scene setting and characterisation. The movie borrows liberally from other books in the series. Wikipedia noted that ‘The film combines elements from 13 different novels of Patrick O’Brian, but the basic plot mostly comes from The Far Side of the World’, with the stated novel being book 10 in the series of 20 completed stories.

      It is quite amusing with the old-school, exceptionally polite language. Always makes me cracks a smile =)

      Thank you for posting the 100th comment on the site =D

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