Fellow aspiring writers for 14 June 2013

Wow, the brain just does not want to kick into gear. Ever had one of those nights where all you end up doing is roaming the internet, when you should be doing something productive?

A post by talented writer Not-Dot, also known as J. Aurel Guay, shows a pretty awesome-looking Steampunk desktop theme.  I tried to find it on the Microsoft website, but surprisingly ‘steampunk’ came up with nothing.

On the plus side, there was one theme that was just as good.  Entitled ‘The Beauty of Books’, it shows some awe-inspiring pictures of libraries from around the world.  The ones that caught my eye the most were the Library of Parliament in Ottawa, and the Gallery of the Old Library of Trinity College in Ireland.

J. Aurel recently submitted a story to Xchyler Publishing for consideration in a paranormal anthology.  Congratulations of having the intestinal fortitude to submit it, knowing that the high level of scrutiny it will be placed under.


3 responses

  1. You won’t find it on Microsoft, it was a theme I made on an Ubuntu operating system. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that most of the features I used have been disabled or aren’t available anymore. The gears theme shown on Chrome is no longer available, but you can still get the desktop on Not-Dot. Maybe I’ll remake something… Thanks for the Props by the way, I wouldn’t have been able to submit a such a good piece without your help in beta-reading. Mune and Mura are up next in my critiquing queue 😉

    1. Bummer; it deserves a second dose of life =)

      Glad to have helped. I look forward to your thoughts on M&M =)

      Should you have the time at some point in the future, I would be interested to know of your experience with WritingForums. I thought of signing up, but scared myself out of it =\

      1. I would actually recommend WritingForums.org to any beginning writer. Unlike WordPress, you can get a great deal more critique on your stories, and quickly engage in a community of aspiring writers. There are all levels of writing experience on the forum, with the larger bulk being made up by early starters who work to spur one another on.

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