On Venusian Cloud Colony Number Nine: Chapter 6 Scene 4 UPDATE

My apologies for not getting this post organised in time.  I am trying to line up the story so it ends in a satisfying fashion, and am struggling to make it do so.


I currently see two scenarios for this scene:

1)  The Earth rotation has finished, everyone is back in Berlin, and ready to board the freighter back to Venus; or

2)  Stay in Bangui, and learn the back story.


Which do you think I should  go with?


3 responses

  1. I think you should try to do both, each in its own place. However, my view is hampered by some missing action between where the finished story ran out and where you say the “update” begins. So my view of the situation may not be a good one.

    1. The feeling is that the back story should be revealed on Venus, as it is the source of the situation, and the reveal through Chapter 7 can lead to the best flowing conclusion. But, as Barney and Leana have travelled all the way to Bangui, would it be unjust to exclude Shasa and Azu from the big reveal?

      1. If the mountain can’t come to Mohammed, then maybe you could bring Mohammed to the mountain (i.e., maybe Shasa and Azu could be hired on as consulting experts for the mining operation, since they can communicate with the Venusian being, or some plot arrangment similar to that. Would it work? You’d know best).

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