Fellow aspiring writer for 18 June 2013

Tomorrow will be an exciting one.  The biggest event in the ‘Sayeh and Zia’ story so far will be revealed!  What could it possibly be?  Check in to find out, or head on over to the ‘Stories in Progress’ to catch up on the events thus far =)

– Tu –

Have you ever noticed that songs can drill themselves into your head if they are played persistently enough?  I did not think much of ‘This Is What It Feels Like’, the first release from the artist album ‘Intense’ by Armin Van Buuren, when I first heard it.  A mix of it regularly featuring on his podcast, and its frequent play on the local radio station that mixes more Electronic Dance Music than the others, have got it stuck in my head.  To top it off, AVB’s Podcast #270 of A State Of Trance is essentially on loop on my computer.  Indoctrinated!

I eagerly await to see if ‘Love Never Came’, ‘Sound of the Drums’ and the album’s title track ‘Intense’ also get released as singles.  I think I spied a song with Emma Hewitt (fellow Aussie) in the CD’s tracklist, so the album is automatically more awesome!  Onto my birthday wish list you go, ‘Intense’ by Armin Van Buuren =)

– Tu –

The author highlighted in my previous FAW post does some great work.  While reading through his work, a frequent name appeared in the comments page.  I made a point to check out the person’s WordPress, and I am glad I did.

The Parasite Guy describes himself a final year physics student, with a love of gaming, music and writing.  Studying physics shows he is a smart guy, and we share the same affliction of writing taking over every spare waking hour.

Farhome House is an ongoing science fiction serial.  I have read the first three entries, and the concept and events are interesting and enticingly delivered.  The author’s name hints at the central idea, which also delves into the ideas of shared identity and degrees of free will.

The story starts here, so head on over and check out TPG’s work.  I think you will enjoy it =)

– Tu –


3 responses

  1. Thank you once again for the feature! I’ll be sure keep up with your future FAW posts.

    1. My pleasure =)

      Your writing style shows that deep thought has gone into the situation and presentation of the Veirans. Such attention to detail draws one into your story that much more =)

  2. Reblogged this on The parasite guy and commented:
    A big THANK YOU to D. James Fortescue for this wonderful feature. Go ahead and check out their blog; you won’t regret it 🙂

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