Reading Status for 20 June 2013

I found myself at a very interesting site recently.  One of my site’s major categories shares the site’s name, The Art of Writing.  To quote the site’s overseer, one Tobias Mastgrave, he hopes to use the site to ‘educate and introduce young authors to the important concepts of writing fantasy and science fiction’.    His most recent article, What Should a Fantasy Economy Look Like?, gives some very good insight into an often overlooked aspect of any storybook society.  There is a wealth of information and writing challenges on the site, so head on over to learn some things and test your writing abilities =)

– Th –

The home PVR was getting overloaded with my research recordings, so I was tasked with picking what needed to be removed.  How pleasantly coincidental it was that the local bookstore had some copies of the TV series ‘East to West’.  While clearing space on the PVR, I can now watch the show on my computer while I am working.  The third episode in the series covers Petra and Palmyra, the former of which is a rather prominent locale in ‘Sayeh and Zia’.

– Th –

I heard a sad piece of news on the radio this morning.  There are a handful of UNESCO historical sites that have been moved to the organisation’s Danger List due to the civil war in Syria.  Noted in an article on the UNESCO website, the sites under the threat by the ongoing fighting are the Ancient City of Damascus, Palmyra, the Ancient City of Bosra, the Ancient City of Aleppo, Crac des Chevaliers and Qal’at Salah El-Din, and the Ancient Villages of Northern Syria.  One can hope that such fantastic historical sites do not become collateral victims of the current situation.

– Th –


8 responses

  1. Your reading chart caught my eye. It’s a clever idea.

    1. Thank you for the compliment, and for reading =)

      This one seems quite brief when compared against the normal template, due to my falling behind schedule on getting through ‘Master and Commander’.

      1. It looks like an excel spreadsheet. Is that how you do it?

      2. Yep, Excel format and a screen copy into Paint. Quite basic really.

      3. Simple but effective 🙂

      4. Thank you. SBE is the best modus operandi to have =)

        Your Flash Fiction ‘The Killer Fantasy Novel’ is a very neat little piece of writing. Well done you =)

  2. Maybe a way of holding onto the historical sites is through the people’s traditions that inhabit them. Maybe by trying to write of those traditions in an empathetic way, you can make us relive actions at sites which perhaps may soon be no more, except in the people’s hearts and minds themselves.

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