Mix-It-Up Day: Amazing artwork!

Well, the final chapter of ‘On Venusian Cloud Colony Number Nine’ is due to kick off soon.  The original plan had been for the big reveal to be within Chapter Six, but then it got waylaid by fleshing out the scenario with Barney and Léana, and involving a bit more travel so other memorable characters got a mention.  It seems to make sense that since the issue was directly related to some event on Venus, that the big reveal occur on ‘home soil’.  Here’s hoping the reveal comes off well =)

– Su –

I am currently sitting at 47 followers of the site, which is quite amazing.  That that many people would be happy enough to have my site grace their Reader page every time they fire up WordPress is humbling, and I thank them all for their faith.

One new follower stood to to me, due to my deep interest in the history and culture of the locale.  Iranwindow has posted some amazing pictures so far, from historical and awe-inspiring locations to humble shops and incredible artwork.

Some particular artwork stood out to me, with its amazing detail.  The painter, Master Mahmoud Farshchian, hails from Isfahan in Iran, where he was born in 1930.  Wikipedia has further details of him here.  He has an online presence, providing some artwork.  Have a look at them, and tell me that his handiwork is not almost unbelievable in its awesomeness.

A further site contains limited editions of his works.  Of the works on this site, Morning Star and Gaze stand out to me the most.  If I had to pick one, it would have to be Gaze, because it close to perfectly matches my vision of the main character in the ‘Big Project’.  All that would be changed is some of the colours, since red is the dominant colour for the character, and the facial features to match the lady who inspired her.  A picture of her can be found on my Facebook page.

Maybe if I make a good bit of money off my ‘Big Project’ one day, I could afford to buy a copy of Gaze.  Motivation!

– Su –

I hope your weekends have been enjoyably relaxing =)


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