Fellow writer for 02 July 2013

The short-term memory seems to be short-circuiting recently.  A quick dig through the electronic aether provided a link to Lumosity to try and get them neurons focused on holding on to the information, so we shall see if is of any use.

It did not take long; my reading has placed me back on the high seas for a time.  Heading back to the blog of Margaret McNellis, also known as The Writeria, to catch up on the ongoing goings-on in Out of The Sea.  Having read Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, the main characters are being set as the siblings William and Catherine Johnson.

William has stowed aboard his deceased father’s former ship, along with Catherine’s fiancee Thomas, and is having a time trying to keep himself occupied.

While the intrepid duo brave the seas and how to start their fact-finding mission, Catherine and her ailing mother have fallen on hard times.  An opportunity is shown, but the young lady opts to take the difficult but honest option.

The groundwork for future chapters is being laid well, and the writing is nice and flowing.  Head on over to have a look, and check in at the Prologue before setting sail upon the Chapters proper.


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  1. Reblogged this on Margaret McNellis ~ Wordsmith and commented:
    Thank you D. James for both continuing to read ‘Out of the Sea’ and for your thoughts on my story thus far. I hope others are enjoying the story thus far as well. I’m looking forward to getting the entire draft up, and then editing it! The Prologue and first 4 chapters are already with an editor, who might become my editor for this book.

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