On Venusian Cloud Colony Number Nine: Chapter 7 Scene 2

0006 07 July 13:

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0050 07 July 13:  Sorry for the delay.  The new scene is below.

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The other members of Barney’s team sat around the table, gaping at Léana finished her story.

Carolina looked at Barney, noting his expression before she spoke.  “How are you not shocked by this, Barney?”

He smiled at the question.  “Léana and I have talked about it at length already, so the shock has worn off.”

“How did you realise that there was life on Venus?”

“A chance remembrance.  When I visited one of Claudio’s friends in the Central African Republic, the man’s wife sensed a presence in the room.  We later realised she was sensing the symbiote within the black diamond I had brought.”

“How did that prove anything?”

“It didn’t.  Taking Léana to see the lady proved it, as they were able to communicate in Venusian.”

Kumara’s face showed he was struggling to process the story.  “So how was this lady able to speak Venusian?”

Léana spoke next.  “From the information I have managed to piece together, the vessel that reached Earth arrived one hundred and eighty million years ago.”

Juan chuckled.  “That’s quite a specific point in time.  Why would you say that?”

“Because black diamond deposits are found in both Brazil and Africa.  The now two continents were conjoined for a significant portion of time, the most recent of which was when they formed Gondwana.”

A knowing look crossed the Spaniard’s face.  “Wait, I know this.  Gondwana was the southern hemisphere supercontinent that formed when Pangaea started separating?”

The Irish lady nodded.  “On the mark, Juan. “ She turned to face Kumara.  “That Shasa could speak to me in the ancient language shows that the Venusian symbiotes bonded with the early humans.  It may be a bold guess, but I would say that homo sapiens is the only remaining member of the hominid family because of this.”

Woody looked just as confused as Kumara, if not more so.  “There was more than one type of human?”

The Pawnee Indian clipped him behind the ear.  “This is why you should listen in school, Woody.  Did they not teach evolution in your school?”

“No. We were taught Intelligent Design.”

Kumara rolled his eyes.  “That line of thought came up because some people could not bring themselves to believe that life forms could be directed or destroyed by cause and effect.”

“Well, maybe God decided that these life-bearing vessels needed to come to Earth for humanity to improve.”

He received a nudge from his fellow American.  “That could be true too.  There’s plenty we don’t know about the greater workings of the Universe.”

Léana smiled as she continued.  “I do not know what happened between that many millions of years ago and around two hundred thousand years ago.  At that later time frame, there were three branches of homo genes; the sapiens, the heidelbergensis, and the neanderthalensis.  Something happened on Earth around that time, some form of drastic climate change that managed to cause the extinction of all but the sapiens.”

Barney had been sitting back, enjoying everyone having an animated discussion about such a ground-breaking discovery.  “The Venusian atmosphere sounded like a terrible place before the vessel left, so the symbiote must have been a hardy sort to survive it.  By the time they reached Earth, they were sturdy enough to survive the new conditions.”

Juan and Carolina had been speaking quietly to each other, discussing the information.  The Argentinian lady posed a question.  “And this life form was essentially the pigment in our skin colouring?”

Barney nodded.  “It would appear that the sapiens survived because of their darker skin colour.  The other branches died off from any manner of causes, but death via burns from the much brighter Sun would best back up that assertion.  After a time, the sole surviving form of human decided to move out of Africa, making its way into Europe and Asia to begin to fill the gap left by their dead brethren.”

“Yet only those in Africa retained the very dark skin tone.”

Léana spoke.  “That seemed to be due to the new living conditions of those who spread out of Africa.  Over time, the pigment could have become redundant and disappeared from the gene coding, or the people decided it was a less attractive trait and it was bred out.”

Woody spoke up again.  “So those living on Venus left.  What did Barney and Kumara manage to find then?”

Barney smiled at Léana and Kumara.  “That’s an easier question to answer.  Those who wanted to survive left for Earth.  There were still those who loved their home so much that they could not bring themselves to leave.  They would rather die with their home world than think that they abandoned it.”

The jock frowned.  “But…   Léana was bonded with.  That means they’re not dead, right?”

The Australian nodded solemnly.  “No.  Life remains on Venus.  We just did not realise it.”

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  1. Very nice. It looks as if you’re gradually wrapping up the story. I’m looking forward to a fizz-bang ending from you, of course.

    1. Thank you for the kind words Doc =)

      Yes, the story is due to wrap up soon. It will keep my established short story pattern of seven chapters with four scenes each. I hope I can come up with a compelling big ending.

      Thanks for reading =)

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