Fellow Aspiring Writer for 09 July 2013

Hooray!  My books finally arrived!


And now to add them to the bookshelf…

130709 Bookshelf

– Tu –

Fate is fickle.  I am still making my way through Shadowoperator’s collection of short stories.  Just as I begin to type a synopsis, the youngest has started coughing and spluttering and crying.  Well, the kids have to get at least one cold a year right?

Sorry for the copout =(


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  1. Parental duties are hardly a copout. Maybe you could try doing two things at once by narrating verbally a simplified version of what you’re working on to the sick child to put them in a better frame of mind about being ill. I used to love being told stories or read to when I was ill, and it does seem to help recuperation time.

    1. P.S. If I’ve misunderstood, and the synopsis is of my work rather than of something of your own, by all means let the child have first attention. And don’t feel that you are obligated to do a post on each of my stories. Why not just focus on the one(s) you like best? As Charles Dickens said (and I’m afraid this is probably a paraphrase), “Every parent has in his heart a favorite child, and mine is ‘David Copperfield’.” We all have favorites of other people’s, too. Chill out, DJ. You’re a cool cat from Catsville, to use a dated saying from the 1950’s.

      1. I am not sure I have a favourite child; they add to my grey hairs/whiskers count in equal measure =P

        Yes, it was to be a synopsis of ‘The Love-Feast’ and ‘A Fixed Point’. You captured the matter-of-fact way little kids talk very well in the first story, while the other I may have to read again to get a proper sense of it. A particular person’s appearance in it at the end was a amusing little spin =)

      2. Yes, I tried to imagine in “A Fixed Point” just what a person of that sort would think of a person who was more literate. I had to give them some common talking ground in making the main character at least have an idea of college and have a vague idea of who Shakespeare was, but the woman he meets who is working on the “found poem” is modelled on an old acquaintance of mine from a creative writing class who used to do found poems a lot. But of course, not knowing her very well in fact, I had to model her from the outside as well, so I had to try to give some sympathy to both characters, even though the man is really not the sort I would like to know personally. But then, I’ve met all sorts in my life and listened to some of the most haywire narratives, and I always end up sort of hiding who I am myself if I feel threatened in my own lifeview or have political or moral differences from the person talking, and just hoping I can last until they go away. There have been a few times, though, when I felt threatened enough that I had to break off the talk and get away because the person was too rigid in their beliefs or prejudices or too limited in their knowledge of other people. This fellow is not someone I would like to have for a personal friend! How do you work with bits and pieces that you pick up from life, or do you do it in a different way?

      3. My life is routine and insular for the most part. Wake up, drive, read, work, read, work, read, drive, family time, write.

        When it comes to different world views or personalities, I do my utmost to be empathetic. It is very arrogant to assume your own opinion is correct and should be followed by everyone else, as no-one experiences life exactly the same way. People are the way they are for a reason, so we all should try to appreciate that fact as much as possible in our interactions.

      4. Hi again, DJ. Perhaps I should’ve been more specific about what exactly I find repugnant in the main character I created in “A Fixed Point.” I really don’t like his views of Mexicans and some of his views of women are quite backward. The whole story was an exercise in empathy in the sense that I had to try to penetrate the mind and character of someone who was not as liberal in general as I am. That’s what I meant. Naturally I agree with you that it takes many kinds to make a world, and that we should try to be open-minded.

    2. Haha I get told off by the kids if I try to read to them. Mummy has to do it =P

  2. I don’t read books much, as they make me tired and I’d rather write than read, but Barnes and Noble has all these well-known books with really nice covers, and if I had a bunch of money, I’d be tempted to just buy them so they look nice in my house. I’m weird.

    1. Not weird. Everyone has their own way of doing things. As long as that way isn’t to the detriment of others, it’s all good =)

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