Apologies (Updated with Conciliatory Offering)

I must apologise for not posting last night.  Yesterday was absolutely terrible from a self-worth standpoint, and I could not summon the motivation.

Tonight is the penultimate instalment of ‘On Venusian Cloud Colony Number Nine’, so there is no excuse for me copping out on a post.  I hope that you will drop by to check it out.

– Sa –

As a small measure of recompense, please see below a portion of the world from my ‘Big Project’!  Where does it fit into the greater picture?  Which character hails from this area? It will be revealed somewhere in Book 1.


As is quite visible, Dumaya is the dominant country.  There is no topology on the map as yet, but a ridge of mountains separate most of the northern countries from the south.

The five blue countries are collectively known as ‘Cincalienza’.  Due to invaders from both the western and southern borders in the past, a mutual interest caused them to join forces.


6 responses

  1. Sad to hear you had a bad day 😦 have a cup of tea!! Works wonders 😀 and you’re doing so well with your scifi!! Do not despair!!!

    1. Cheers Jex =)

      Could never get into tea, though I’ve tried many a time. Coffee is my lifeblood =)

      After Friday, I fear for Monday =\

      1. Was it something at work? :/

      2. Ah noooo 😦 well don’t let it ruin what remains of your weekend. Have a nice coffee 🙂

  2. Sorry about the bad day, and thanks for the update on your “Big Project.” I hope getting back home and being able to put in some time with the family and with your creative work help you to cheer up.

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