Writing through personal pain

There are plenty of stories out there that draw on the reader’s sense of empathy.  The loss of a loved one, winning a fight against the odds, a particular event that a character encounters that you intimately.

When one has a rough time at work, the feeling of worthlessness and complete dumbassery seems to be par for the course.  Take all the steps you can to sort it out, yet finding that there is one step you missed due to something you did some weeks back but forgot.

When you have these events occur, and the ways out of the situation are in the ‘least desirable’ category, what do you do?  Never underestimate the power of stubborn male pride!

Of course, there is the timeless observation.  There is always someone else in a worse situation than you, so keep it in perspective and appreciate what you have.

The local bookstore’s brochure had a highlight on ‘The Rainbow Troops‘ by Andrea Hirata.  The story focuses on the plight of a small school, under threat of closure, on the farming and mining island of Belitung, off the east coast of Sumatra.  Just reading the synopsis tells you that life is not so bad after all.  As the story is based on the author’s early years, there was likely to have been some personal anguish put on those pages, which would help the victories be all the sweeter.

A small observation I made today:

With the population increasing, and forests seemingly decreasing, everyone needs to be happy.  Too much sighing will lower oxygen levels while increasing carbon dioxide.  People feeling sad will have a bad environmental impact.

There may be a somewhat witty flash fiction in there somewhere…


5 responses

  1. How’s it going, DJ? Drop me a line and let me know how you are. You sound rocky, but basically stable, emotionally speaking. And of a writer of your caliber, I would expect nothing less!.

    1. You flatter me. With only two stories in the back catalogue, there is plenty more scope to improve going forward =)

      Bit better. Have found another thing to keep me busy for a few months; scaled back writing but lots of reading.

  2. A very good point about the state of the world, so I propose that if Mondays are only half work days that will prevent a lot of sighing and make people happier. Also if they know a bit off the price of a beer that would make things even more happier.

    1. Half-day Mondays would be awesome indeed, until we grow accustomed to it and start clamouring for the full Monday off. It must be human nature to always want more =P

      Cheaper beer would be good too. In my corner of the Universe, the ‘sin tax’ keeps increasing on it due to alcoholism becoming an issue =\

      1. A full Monday would be what I would drive for…it’d be horrible to deny our instincts after all.

        Alcoholism….a few hundred years ago they drunk double what we do now…we are such a bunch of light weights…why do people stand up and say their name at Alcoholics Anonymous..I’d have thought the clue was in the name.

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