Fellow Aspiring Writer for 19 July 2013

Tonight I make mention of an FAW discovered through the WordPress Reader.  Never underestimate the attracting power of the Myst Library!


The first work of J. Aurel Guay‘s that I read was a story entitled Amaleia’s Choice.  The story followed the title character, who is understandably nervous due to her wedding day quickly approaching.  Heading off to visit her ‘friend’ at the behest of her Nan, her enjoyment of her last days of bachelorettehood (what do you mean it’s not a word, Spellcheck?!) turns from a carefree time to a darker tone.

Links to the available parts are as below:

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

While there has not been an addition to that particular story in recent times, Mister Guay has been a productive worker.  I had the honour of beta-reading a story that was to be submitted for consideration.  The story was accepted, and will now be part of a published anthology!

Fresh off the Xchyler blog press was an interview with the man himself.  It is a thoroughly enjoyable read, and proves that self-belief and a desire to improve your craft will have you going places in no time!

Congrats to you for chasing the dream, Mister Guay =)


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