Fellow Aspiring Writers for 23 July 2013

My apologies for not following the standard procedure for an FAW entry tonight, as I have spent most of the night corresponding with one =)

Proof that the literary life is not all plain sailing, Jex Collyer was unsuccessful in having Interfictions Online publish one of her many short stories.  It shows that our love of crafting stories will not magically rocket us to the pinnacle of our genres, but will pull us over many bumps and give many scrapes along the way.  If we did not suffer in the beginning, we would not be able to truly savour our successes when they arrive .

Alongside my chatting, the story idea mentioned in my previous post has grown a little bit more.  The potential for the scope of the story is awesome, with it being focused on North-East Spain during an almost twenty-year war, which itself was an offshoot of a larger war.  Having our young anti-hero face his future-defining situation early on, he will be able to grow as a person and fighter as the war continues on, and maybe even become a hero by the end of the ordeal.

Now it almost seems a coin toss between my original idea and this one to run with for NaNoWriMo 2013…


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