Sayeh and Zia: Chapter 5 Scene 4 UPDATE

Sorry to be a cop-out, but the neurons aren’t firing tonight.  Nothing more frustrating than when the words won’t come =(

Should a bit of time be spent investigating the treasure trove hidden within Petra’s Jabal al-Khubtha?

Should our doppelgangers be on the road, heading towards the lady who possibly has the answers?

They aren’t in a vaccuum.  What has everyone else in Petra been doing that morning?  Sleeping in very late?

Come on, brain.  Work!


2 responses

  1. I always like the inclusive solution–how’s about they investigate the treasure trove (which has been taken in part from other of Zia’s father’s caravans) and find a mysterious jewel which is the exact duplicate of one which Sayeh’s mother gave her at her birth? Then they decide to go see her…etc. Sorry, your stories get my imagination going. By the way, if you’ve had trouble getting through to my site, has solved the problem now.

    1. I like your thinking Doc. The inclusive solution always helps add depth in a story =)

      A matching jewel? That has promise. May I tweak the idea a little? With more of the focus on Sayeh’s mother recently, Shadi (Zia’s mother) is getting neglected.

      Thanks for reading =)

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