Reading Status for 25 July 2013

A new addition to the ‘Big Project’ page awaits =)

Area 4 is going to be a very exciting reveal!  The world of Book 1!

– Th –


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  1. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Brave New World. Have you ever read 1984? I’ve heard people before say that Brave New World is the better novel out of the two, but I’ve never personally read either.

    PS: I can’t help but notice that OVCCN9 is on your finished list now. I think I’ll be reading that later this evening 🙂

    1. Nineteen Eighty Four was purchased just before Brave New World. I look forward to seeing the differences in future worlds that two of the greatest sci-fi authors imagined.

      Yes, a six-month writing journey finally finished. One scene remains unfinished, because the complexity of the cultural significance behind it is unbelievable. I hope you enjoy the remainder =)

  2. I have also been recommended Brave New World. It is on my list, especially since I am venturing into sci-fi now. I know it is sacrilege to say so but I didn’t like 1984, cornerstone that it is. I won’t go into why, it would take too long, but I am looking forward to Brave New World as a comparison.

    1. Though not to your tastes, I am sure there were some useful pointers learnt from Mr. Orwell.

      Please be sure to share your thoughts on BNW. If you let me know when you start reading it, I will shuffle it further atop my reading list so we can chat about it =)

      1. I shall! And yes I agree Orwell set down a lot of paths for where literature and indeed the world is now. It’s just unfortunate and the fault is entirely with me that it didn’t push my buttons

      2. I am fairly certain there is no universally loved author; such is the nature of each reader’s taste. I doubt many enjoyed ‘Frankenstein’ and other horror stories, yet they still went on to become classics with its elements mimicked by many.

        The ‘Aubrey and Maturin’ series by Patrick O’Brian is considered the greatest historical fiction series of all time. But, my goodness, was it a struggle to read in some places. The scene movements were highly disconcerting, with plenty of seafaring jargon, and some drastic changes in character behaviour for some scenes. Many would call it a great read, I felt it adequate to good. To be fair, I shall read five books into the series and decide from there if it is worth continuing.

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