Big Project Motivation!

Why hello there! I haven’t seen you for over half a year! I thought of you often, but you never popped in to say hello. But you are here now, and that’s the most important thing =)

Actual progress on the ‘Big Project’ front. Apologies for it destroying the regular schedule, but like all good things that disappear for a time, when it reappears it takes up most of your available time.

Area 4 is now up. The handful of people who have read my first few chapters would recognise it =)

That will be the end of map posting for the moment, as it would be giving a bit too much away 😉


4 responses

  1. Oh, DJ, you’re such a tease! Please be sure and post the whole project once you give us some more of it, okay? I’d like the opportunity to go over what I’ve already read again before I resume with reading new parts. I hope I’m not being selfish to ask, but I think it would help with continuity to carry over from the old site to this one.

    1. Sorry, I don’t mean to tease =\

      I shall see what I can do to link the ‘Big Project’ posts from the old site to the new one =)

  2. It’s amazing when the love of a project all but consumes you! Ride the wave!!

    1. It is a thrill indeed. When it hits unexpectedly, ride the lightning =)

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