Fellow Aspiring Writer for 30 July 2013

I am heading back to the homeland for my fellow author tonight!

Anneque Malchien has been off the WordPress grid for a good month or so.  Wherever she has gone, I hope she is doing something enjoyable =)

Below are the links to her serial, Interdimensional Detective Agency.  Having reached the most recent episode, I am hankering for more.  After the first arc of our focal character ‘finding’ his way to a new location, and the following arc tracking his assistance of one of the IDA employees in apprehending a particularly evasive criminal, we move on to seeing the IDA itself.  We meet a few new characters, one of whom is FC’s partner in heading to another new locale.

Head on over and have a read! I am sure you will enjoy it =)

Episode 1 – Bridge

Episode 2 – Knife

Episode 3  (Mysteriously absent!)

Episode 4 – Strawberry Sunday

Episode 5 – Lowtown

Episode 6 – The Pod

Episode 7 – Welcome to the Jungle

Episode 8 – Bots


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