Reading Status for 01 August 2013







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  1. A Memory of Light….I will be interested for your thoughts when you finish it…there is a bit of action…yes I give the best spoilers.

    1. The Last Battle should indeed have a high level of action.

      It is a bit daunting that the Prologue alone, at 60 pages, is longer than one of my short stories =S

      1. write in a bigger font! It takes Prologue to it’s outer limits of definition sometimes in this series but then again so is the definition of editing also.

      2. Haha that is true, though it feels like a bit of a cheat sometimes. I have only changed font size for formatting purposes, as a scene-end symbol sitting by itself on the top line of a page doesn’t sit right for me.

        You do wish sometimes that Mr Jordan was able to convey the effect of the Dark One on the world without such a vast cast. Really, who can remember the names of that many Aes Sedai, especially the ‘bit part’ ones? I understood his intent, but it dragged things out quite a bit.

      3. A lot of the characters were quite samey after a while. it was great to be in that world with lots of people, it was truly epic. Even book ten when nothing happened.

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