NaNoWriMo Preparation Starts!

I am beginning the NaNoWriMo preparation process.  One thing I try to do with my writing is find something unique, or at the very least not as common as other literary works.

The NaNoWriMo website is nice enough to post a ‘Most Popular’ section based on word count submission.  The top 10 regions by word count submission are:

NANOWRIMO Most Prolific Writing Regions

My region is hiding somewhere in the 200-300 ranks.   And the most popular genres are:

NANOWRIMO Most Prolific Writing Genres

I feel a little better that my designated genre of Historical Fiction is low on the list, so there is a greater chance my work will stand out as something original and (hopefully) enjoyable to read.  Yes, my story will involve some fantasy aspects, but it will be a plot device used to add to the world of mid-1200’s Persia.

I have had a quick rethink on the story title.  Which do you prefer the sound of :

1) ‘Abaqa and The Tree of Hormazd’; or

2) ‘Abaqa and The Sacred Cypress’?

Things are looking promising for the moment.

Now, off to prepare one young’un for a stay at Grandma’s, medicate and feed the other, quickly vacuum the house, fit in some Tax study, and get the remaining young’un fired up for his golf lesson this afternoon.

– Sa –

Hope you are having (or are about to have) an enjoyable weekend =)


5 responses

  1. You are located in a fascinating region if your day is starting (at least compared to where I am as it is just ending). Hope the prep is going well.

    Shoot. It’s nearly that time, isn’t it? Of course I’m #1 with Fantasy. Maybe it’s time to hit up the erotica! I kid. I kid. I’m torn if I want to put aside my current novel for Nano or skip this year. I haven’t won yet, and I’d really like to give it a go.

    #2 for the name. Cypress is more descriptive.

    1. Haha there’s plenty of erotica in HBO adaptations of a particularly popular fantasy series, so there’s room for a genre mix.

      How many NaNoWriMo’s have you participated in? If you are waist-deep in your current novel, best keep wading through it =)

      Thanks for the book title vote =)

      1. I’ve been in three and then another three summer camps. Summer camps I put the word count low, but doing it that many times in a year is too exhausting, so stepping back from summer camps.

        Though I’m waist-deep in it, I could definitely use a breather. I’m editing at this point.

  2. Both of your titles sound intriguing enough to provoke a read–but what’s this about NaNoWriMo? I thought it wasn’t until November! In the meantime, good luck with the kiddies–we are just about ready to send our visiting ones back home. Their parents arrived to pick them up last night, and the whole family is visiting until Sunday afternoon then going home. But we had a great dinner last night–one kid did appetizers, one kid did salad, another kid did pasta and cheese, and all I had to do was supply ice cream for dessert (though of course I ended up clearing up the mess in the kitchen afterwards!). A great time was had by all, however. Well, good luck with your submission to NaNoWriMo–I look forward to finishing up the read.

    1. Thanks Doc.

      I do try to prepare as much as possible, and three months should be enough to get enough of an idea of what North-West Persia was like, story plotting, character design and personalisation, pacing, etc etc etc.

      The joys of hosting is the clean-up afterwards. Good to hear your triumphant trio have a penchant for cooking =)

      The youngest young’un was happy to get an impromptu pressie from the grandparents in the form of a play tea set, whilst the elder was kept amused by golfing up the fairways, getting to ride in the golf buggy and having plenty of native wildlife grazing nearby.

      Thank you for the encouragement; I hope your literary endeavours are progressing well =)

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