Fellow Aspiring Writer: Day Two on Terra One!

Tonight I headed back out into the Solar System, to the ‘new world’ of Terra One.  It was Day 2, with twelve episodes of writing by J. Michael Edwards that were so involving that I forgot my podcast downloading and decimated my quota for the next few days!

After a night of frequenting the bars, Trinity Byzantium gets an early morning wake-up from the police, providing her with some life-changing information.  The news weaves in with other arcs through Day 2, providing a nice and focused segue into Day 3.

The stars of this Day were Flynn Archimedes, Trinity’s copilot on the Therion, and Lilith Cytherea, the mysterious ‘Woman in Blue’ from the very first episode.  Her disappearance for the remainder of Day 1 is made up for, and then some.  Flynn decides that he needs to pay a visit to a particular person involved in providing his ‘welcoming present’.  The path to the meeting involves a nice world-build, fleshing out Terra One via its ‘seedy underbelly’.

A further story arc is set up with Oz, the doggedly old-school policeman.  A body is found with nothing to verify the cause of death; only a tauntingly wide grin and wide open eyes.  The situation rings a bell with Oz, but the time for the reveal of what he remembers is waiting for another day.

This synopsis is deliberately short, so as to not spoil the fun.  The day starts at Episode 8, or if you are late to the awesomeness you can start at Day 1.  Be sure to drop by and have a read =)

– Tu –

Tomorrow will provide another entry into the Sayeh and Zia saga.  It is an Intermission entry, so it will not be following the ladies.  Who needs an entry to get their stories up to date?

– Tu –

It is early days in the collaborative fantasy project.  Feedback is that the initial world I envisioned is a bit too developed, so the idea will be placed to the side, with a more ‘bare bones’ world and inhabitants to replace it.

But golly, I may have created another ‘Big Project’ for myself with my initial world!  And it links in my Fantasy Fiction Test Post from waaay back in mid-March.

– Tu –

Ever have those days when a random line pops into your head, and it just takes flight?

“Lions and tigers and bears!  Oh my!”

A three-tribe war in a Thracian-style setting sounds like it would be a fun story.  With so much Greek mythology to draw on, the opportunities are massive =)


5 responses

  1. DJ – that’s an amazing summary of Terra One. You totally nailed it. You can do my synopses anytime.

    1. Thank you for the props. The longer I explain something, the more disjointed my ideas become. Short and sweet is the best way to work it =)

  2. Sounds like you’ve got awesome amounts of exciting irons in the fire! Do you know which one you’re going to chose for NaNoWriMo? 🙂

    1. There seems to be moments of literary inspiration where these ideas just flood your brain, like a blocker suddenly loosens and the neurons connect and go wild =)

      ‘Abaqa and the Sacred Cypress’ is a lock for NaNoWriMo 2013. Maybe lock in ‘Farrago and the Reapers’ for NaNoWriMo 2014, or possibly one of the other Writing Months. MayNoWriMo and JunNoWriMo give a roughly six-month gap from the November exercise =)

      1. Excellent 😀 Full speed ahead!

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