Collaborative Fantasy Work!

UPDATED x2:  After reading an exciting string of emails this morning, yet another collaborator appears!  So many talented authors working together on such an epic project makes one feel giddy =)

Christine Haggerty’s work is spread over various locations.  Her current series, The House of Lies, is currently being provided on WordPress and Wattpad.  She was recently welcomed into the Fox Hollows Publications family, who will publish her Young Adult series The Plague Legacy.

Welcome Christine, and I look forward to drawing from your vast wealth of writing insight and knowledge =)

– Th –

UPDATED:  ‘A New Collaborator appears!” *cue Street Fighter music*

Welcome to Cody Jeffrey, who I have just learned is a part of the team.  One needs only look at the stated literary aims to see impeccable taste:

“I throw in a haunch of The Peloponnesian War, pour in a tasty “A Song of Ice and Fire” sauce, sprinkle in just a hint of anime combat spice, and send it forward in time to a far away galaxy in a setting reminiscent of ancient Greece/Rome/etc.”

Sounds awesome!  I am excited to see what you have in store for the story world =)

– Th –

Firstly, I must thank Paul Davis and Len Weatherley for inviting me to join them in building a vast new fantasy world =D

Len has been a generous man, providing a handful of posts detailing the various inhabitants of his portion of the world.  I envy his drawing abilities, as mine are severely lacking.  He provides a bar as high as his latest grades!

Paul has provided me some detail of his world via email.  I will leave it to him to provide some detail on his site, should he wish to do so.

Trying to find a different vein of characters and world type, I have decided to make use of a movie line I recently mentioned.

“Lions and Tigers and Bears!  Oh my!”

– Th –

Each race will be a human/animal hybrid, and inspired by a legendary predecessor:

– The Nemean Lion of Greece;

– The (now extinct) Caspian Tiger and ; and

– The Russian Bear.

The races will be lead by Nemeses, Hyrcurian and Mursidev respectively.  Imagine each standing between 6′ 5″ and 7′, and of imposing bulk.  Their land will be split between the plains and the forest, with Nemeses and Hyrcurian battling each other for dominance.

Mursidev leads his race in defence of the forest, their purpose for untold generations.  Where the cats are warrior races, the bears are more monk-like and peaceful.

What lies within the vast forest that the Great Bears are the sworn guardians of?  Do the feline races know of it?

– Th –


14 responses

  1. This sounds ursome indeed! It must be so much fun an really interesting to collaborate with others.

    1. The hardest part is trying to make sure each of us have a distinctive space to work with. Thank goodness that the Oz reference hit my brain, as both Len and Paul came up with awesome worlds that I was hard pressed to match =)

      1. I bet yours is just as good. I saw some of those drawings, they look amazing. Is he going to draw some of your races for you too?

        So how does it work, logisitally? Are you each writing your own chapters, or sections of chapters?

      2. That would be far too generous on Len’s part!

        At the moment we are pretty much creating a world with some races. Once the basics are locked in, we will build up from there =)

      3. Absolutely. Can’t wait to find out what the next phase of the world-build will be =)

  2. Think we could convince Len? 😉 No, he has a lot going on. Poor guy. But his drawings are turning out beautifully.

    There’s my first write up. I’ll likely pump out a few little legends today to start giving it history. I really like the idea of history is often false, so I include annotations as to what different regions thought throughout the ages. It actually gives far more context then the myth itself I think.

    Excited to see where you go with it!

  3. Welcome to the team! 😉 Great idea so far. This collaboration is going to be a lot of fun. I’ll have my own synopsis up tomorrow on my site. We might have a tie-in with the cats, I’m using a cat-race as well, but not as big and intimidating as yours!

    1. Great minds think alike =)

      The same race can diversify in many interesting ways depending on their location, and the time they have to adapt to their surroundings.

      What sort of location do you see your felines living in?

      1. I’m using a mountain/valley region, kind of a Japan style climate. Looks also like together we are using a mix of creatures as well as a nice variety in environments.
        My races are Cats(Felids)/Foxes/Wolves/Jackals plus humans.

        I am putting an email together right now to send out of what I’m doing. I’ll use the one you have on your site.

      2. The feudal setting will be a nice touch. My first short story was based in Feudal Japan just prior to the ascension of the Tokugawa Shogunate =)

        Sounds like a plan. I’ll be sure to keep you updated in my emails also =)

  4. You guys are too kind. I don’t take very much convincing, just send me an email with something you want me to do and I will do my best. However, my art will never match the detail you guys put into words. I will gladly do whatever I can to make this collaboration work.

  5. PS: Thanks for that great update to your post, haha! Really appreciate it.

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