CFW Races: The Leothites

The Leothites are a half-human, half-lion hybrid race inhabiting the plains of Asamai.  They are led by the ruthless Nemeses.

Below is my tame drawing, followed by the awesomeness of Len Weatherly.

LEOTHITE Nemeses   LEN WEATHERLY Nemeses Illustration


We remember not how we came here, and know not how to go back.  All that we know, and all that we remember, is survival.

Our forebears wandered the Serengi, at the mercy of the seasons.  The lands would prosper for a time, but only briefly before the dreaded Uyamelo returned anew.  With little choice and little protection, they would travel again, searching for any source of sustenance.  Our people succumbed, and we were unable to increase our numbers.  Despite this, they grew stronger.

He who would become the most revered of our forebears, the mighty Yonatun, told our ancestors of a vision.  Collapsing from heat exhaustion, his dreams revealed an unfathomable place.  The grounds were not scorched white, but were lush green.  Mighty growths stretched into the sky, with the green of the grass below now in the dizzying heights above.

Insisting that this fabled land lay to the north, he led our people on a journey of many years.  Our ancestors grew stronger still, with Yonatun insisting that every measure must be taken to ensure our survival.  They ate their dead, the only substantial source of meat.  They ate any living thing that could be caught, even if it caused them to die by the prey’s poisons.

When all faith in Yonatun’s vision was lost, it proved true.  The river that used to flourish for but a moment held a constant supply of life-giving water.  In the distance, columns of brown stood everywhere, with greenery attempting to touch the sky above.

In our hour of greatest triumph, we also met our greatest foe.


3 responses

  1. I LOVE the mythology behind fantasy worlds. Sweet intro!

    1. Hi Christine. Good to hear from you =)

      Thank you. Len and Paul have set a high bar with their histories =)

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