CFW World: Asamai

The land mass known as Asamai contains two distinct areas:  the plains of the Serengi in the south, and the forest of Oltim in the north.


– Î –

The Serengi is dominated by warfare.

The nine months of Uyamelo are hot and dry, while the three months of Kaiberu revive the  scorched lands.  One river runs through the plains, the Ewuakesereyo.  It swells mightily with the rains, before the fierceness of the returning Uyamelo quickly dries it up once again.  Only one portion of the river manages to retain water year-round, a portion of land named the Enkan.  It is a revered place upon the plains.

Possession of the area has passed between the Leothites and the Tigrisians since time immemorial.  The races fight for it constantly, knowing that to not have it means certain death.

– Î –

Oltim is a peaceful grove.  It suffers not the ravages of the seasons, constantly fed by an underground water reserve.

The area is overseen by the Ursidaeans.  They protect the Gumoto, the site of an ancient impact crater.


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