CFW Races: The Tigrisians

The Tigrisians are a half-human half-tiger hybrid race also inhabiting the plains of Asamai.  They are led by the determined Hyrcurian.

Len Weatherly again shows his kick-a** sketching skills.

TIGRISIAN Hyrcurian LEN WEATHERLY Hyrcurian Illustration


After an untold time of peace, they arrived.

They wore not the many coloured stripes of our kind, but a uniform coat the colour of the desert sands.  Their men had bewildering amounts of hair growth upon their necks and heads, which their females lacked.  It is said that our ancestors could see the crazed look in their eyes even then.

The strangers from the south were welcomed into our lands.  We provided them with food and shelter, and for a time the peace held.

Despite our efforts to include them, the Leothites remained apart, refusing to create a community with us.  We attempted to overlook their savage habit of eating their dead, attempting to show them the proper method of burial for our esteemed elders.  They looked at us as if we were the insane ones.

Both our races endured a heavy toll when the sky fell.  The fragment landed somewhere in the Northern Forest, and the destruction was immense.  We were all forced back into the desert, where our numbers dwindled significantly.  The Leothites proved much better suited to the landscape, although their numbers suffered also.  The rivalry between us grew in this time, as they began to eat our dead.  Unable to bear their barbaric desecration of our elders, we split off and headed elsewhere to find a new land.

After some years, the weather patterns returned to normal.  The rains fell back into routine, and we rejoiced in the sign that we could finally return home.  But when we did, we were shocked to see that the Leothites had returned before us.  To add further insult, they refused our entry and tried to run us off our ancestral lands.

We sought the help of the forest dwellers, who had found a way to survive the sky falling.  They wanted nothing to do with us, thinking that we wanted to steal something of theirs.  Their lands became off-limits to us.

Since then, the battle for the Enkan has continued on between us.  It seems that the total destruction of one race is the only way that the war will ever cease.


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