CFW Races: The Ursidaeans

The Ursidaeans are a half-human, half-bear race living the Oltim forest of Asamai.  They are led by the peace-loving Mursidev.

As always, Len Weatherly’s sketch efforts are amazing.

URSIDAEANS Mursidev   LEN WEATHERLY Mursidev Illustration


It was foretold that when the two feline races came to inhabit the Enkan, the forest would be threatened.

We sought solitude, and to protect our borders.  They did not threaten us, and therefore the prophecy fell by the wayside.

The threat was not from them, but from the sky itself.  A large piece of rock plunged into the heart of the forest, causing unfathomable destruction.  Despite our instincts telling us to flee, we remained.

In our folly, we approached the impact site to see the source of our woes, and hoped to contain its ill effects.  We were able to do so, but not without cost.  Coming into contact with the site caused a madness that required many a person to be killed, though others usually died before they did from their frenzied attacks.

The felines had moved away from their lands after the impact, as the weather patterns changed drastically.  To our surprise, we saw that the original inhabitants of the Enkan arrived after the others.  The lands have passed between them for generations, with neither race able to completely dominate the other.

The Tigrisians came to seek our aid, but we were wary of their finding out the effect of the impact crater.  If either side was to discover that we held the key to their war finally concluding, they would likely do anything to get their paws on it.  And once they won the war, who knows what the madness would cause amongst their own.  We turned them away, wishing no part in their feud.

We guard on two fronts.  We guard against their possessing the madness, and we stop the madness from spreading.


2 responses

  1. I’m liking the legends. The setting you’re laying out it quite interesting, I can’t wait for what’s next. I like the mystery of the crater and its impact on everything.

    1. Thanks Cody =)

      They’re not quite as detailed as Paul’s awesome backstories, but I am aiming for something more primitive with the plains creatures. Desert life is all about survival, after all.

      What the Tigrisians and Leothites may be able to do with the power of the crater will be interesting. I’ll need to find a way to differentiate it from Phazon, and your own land’s source of power =)

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