Mix-It-Up Day: Drawing!

My drawing skills are not nearly as awesome as Len Weatherley‘s, whose mad skills can be seen here.

Yesterday morning was spent drawing the leaders of the three man races of Asamai.  This evening was spent drawing Asamai itself.


The two main areas are separated by a mountain range, with the ‘disputed lands’ of Enkan lying at their feet in the centre of the landmass.  The Enkan stretches either side of the Ewuakesereyo river, which runs south east until it reaches the ocean.

A portion of Oltim’s voluminous water supplies only reach the Serengi when the clouds manage to cross the hills, leading to the three months of Kaiberu (Wet).

The southern land’s harsh desert climate in Uyamelo (Drought) ensures that the waters evaporate quickly.  The lack of underground aquifers in Serengi causes the unforgiving climate.  Even the Ewuakesereyo dries up quickly, causing the fierce fight for control of the Enkan between the Leothites and the Tigrisians.

A settlement for each race on either side of the river will not satisfy, as each knows how heavily their numbers will drop when turned out into the deserts.  To ensure their survival, their numbers must increase quickly when they control the Enkan for a time, and that requires every food source the Enkan can provide.

The Ursidaeans watch the seemingly eternal conflict as they guard the one mountain path leading into Oltim from Serengi.  They do not trust the Leothites, as they have proven their ruthlessness many times in many generations.  The trust they had with the Tigrisians evaporated once the race returned from the desert after the Great Impact. The form of madness that a harsh desert lifestyle instilled in the once-peaceful Tigrisians, while not to the level of a Leothite, was enough for the Ursidaeans to know they could not return to the co-existence of previous generations.

The Oltim also suffers from the Great Impact.  At the centre of the Sanika lies Gumoto, the impact site.  A corruption is contained by a dedicated branch of the Ursidaeans, who enter the Sanika knowing that they can never leave and retain their lives…


14 responses

  1. I actually do maps if you would like one. I did one for Len’s portion. I actually have a map that has a landmass close to this one.

    1. The offer is exceedingly generous for someone I have only just met. Only if you are happy to do so =)

  2. Very cool. I have a friend who is working a map up for me. disclever.wordpress.com
    He has been kind enough to put together a wonderful piece.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Len.

      I did see the offer on your site. Is Whyorick part of the collaboration also?

      1. Nope, just generous enough to help me with maps. Thanks again

  3. World building is great, the feeling of playing God…sometimes the urge to smash it and recreate it sends me a bit maniacal.

    1. I prefer not to smash my worlds. The characters may be a different story though… mwahaha!

  4. Dear DJ, I hope you don’t think I’m a party-pooper for not participating so far in your world-building and hybrid races posts. I just don’t feel competent to comment, so I’m sort of scanning the posts on hybrids and trying to think about it seriously, but so far I still don’t feel very enlightening as to what I could myself say. But maybe when you get the world built and get the hybrid races doing their things in it, I will have some literary remark to contribute: that’s more my style (just so you know I haven’t forgotten your awesome blogsite!).

    1. I understand completely. I must confess to feeling that way when I read some of your posts; everything is so succinct and well thought-out that I feel there is nothing I can add =)

      1. As always, when I think of part-animal part-human or cognizant animal, anyway, I think of Andre Norton’s cat people in one of her books from long, long, ago. I don’t know if you ever ran across it. It wasn’t so much a dystopia as it was a “what comes after humankind.” The cat race is left roaming among the ruins of human civilization and standing on their back legs and wearing scent bags around their necks filled with aromatic scents because their noses are so sharp, and basically being more reasonable than people. I oddly can’t remember the outcome of the story, but I know that cats were seen as superior (just as they have always suspected, ha-ha!). But I don’t know if you can still get her books now or if they are too out of date. And anyway, I don’t know if cats having morphed into a speaking, standing erect race like man is exactly the same thing as a hybrid. It’s the only thing I could think of other than sphinxes and griffons, and even a griffon isn’t a part-human hybrid–sorry to be so conventional and unimaginative.

      2. There is nothing new in the world, only how vividly and interestingly we can spin a web of narrative around it.

        You have the knack. You wrote my 200th comment, and now you wrote my 400th comment =)

      3. Thanks for the vote of confidence, DJ. I hope that my having wrote both your 200th and 400th comment doesn’t mean that I’m boring you silly with my remarks (you certainly have maintained a vivid and remarkable website to make my responses worthwhile).

      4. Goodness no! I greatly appreciate the feedback, without which I would look like an ignored crazy person on the internet sidewalk =)

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