The “One Lovely Blog” Award

I was recently nominated for a blog award!  Who’d’a thunk it?

Let’s see this sheet of requirements…

1)  Thank the one that nominated you.

Muchas gracias, Pato de Hecho.  Es muy apreciada =)

2)  Put up the picture for the One Lovely Blog Award.


3)  Tell everyone seven things about yourself.

– I am getting a Wii U for my birthday!  Yes, a man in his early 30’s should not get so excited about such things, but oh well =)

– I am part of a collaborative fantasy work with four other, awesomely talented individuals.

– My daughter’s current insistence on watching Dora on loop all day is beginning to make me think in Spanish =S

– I am a middle child.

– I prefer reading Fantasy and Science Fiction as it provides an emotional degree of disconnect.  Reading something scary or distressing based on current day events destroys my enjoyment of the novel.

– The winter in my corner of the world seems to have reached its peak earlier than usual.  This has not allowed me to wear my Monsters Inc.  monster gloves as much as I would like.

– Just discovering how complex the ideology behind Judaism is.  Only came across it because Wikipedia directed me to the Sephirot when I typed in Sephiroth, the character from Final Fantasy.

4)  And nominate seven other people and tell them in their blogs that you nominated them.

Only 7?  But there are so many awesome people I have met through WordPress!

These are in alphabetical order; all who are nominated are equally awesome in their own special way =)

Christine Haggerty

– Cody Jeffrey of “FOTS Fantasy

– J. Aurel Guay of “The J.  Aurel Guay Archives

– Len Weatherly of “The Kraken’s Wake

– Paul Davis of “Storyteller Davis

– Dr. Victoria L. Bennett of “Creative Shadows

– Yorick of “DisClever


10 responses

  1. Thanks for the nomination! The Sephirot is very interesting, and interesting how really Sephiroth was just a part of a greater whole. I think they played that well. I learned of it though through a game called Mage where they talked about different religious magics. Good game. Enjoy your Wii U.

    1. My pleasure =)

      Is this game also part of the ‘World of Darkness’? I saw ‘Vampire: The Masquerade’ under the ‘classic’ listing in Wikipedia.

      I shall try to. I may be lucky and get it early =)

      1. It is part of WoD. Good times were had.

      2. It is certainly a vast and varied world. It is humbling =)

  2. Thank you so much for the nomination. That is a special group of people you nominated, and I am happy to be a part of such a grouping.

  3. Thanks DJ for the nomination, I am honored! I also read sci-fi and fantasy almost exclusively. I mean, I live in the real world every day, why would I read about it too, right? Oh and I think I have a curse for having my name spelt wrong, it happened again. :p

    1. I do not even know where I came up with ‘Rafferty’. How embarrassing =(

      The correction has been made. Should any important character in my story die, you may decide the method =)

      1. Haha, will do. No worries. Jeffrey is actually just my middle name that I’m using as a pen name.

  4. Do itashimashita. That is “you’re welcome” in Japanese. It’s fun to say.

    Sweet, a Wii U! I’m waiting for the next “Zelda” or “Super Smash Bros.” before I get mine. And I ended up on the Sephirot page of Wikipedia once when searching for Sephiroth, too.

    1. Had to get onto Google Translate to hear it said. It is fun to say! Must sneak it into daily usage =)

      Mine came bundled with an extra game. Need for Speed Most Wanted was the best reviewed on the bundled games, so its a win there. Young’un loves cars, so he’ll be happy to watch hopefully =)

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