Early Birthday Present!!

My night was waylaid by a later work finish, and getting the Wii U up and running.

With ‘Sayeh and Zia’, I am not sure how to go about Chapter Six.  I don’t have enough for the ladies to take up the whole chapter, and wonder if it would be peculiar pacing to have Yafeu return to the chapter scenes from his intermission banishment.  What do you think?

Intermission Six will be the biggest reveal yet!  So there will be interesting times ahead…


5 responses

  1. Can’t wait! I say, anything you can do and get by with (re: Yafeu) is all right. Try it and see! You can always revise later.

    1. P.S. Happy Birthday! (Now if only I knew exactly what a Wii U is….)

      1. Thank you =)

        The Wii U is the latest Nintendo home video game console. I have (or my parents have) owned every home console incarnation since 1989. Old habits die hard =)

  2. Happy birthday! The Wii U will someday be added to my game family, but I think I shall wait a while longer. What games do you have so far?

    Oooh, “biggest reveal yet”, you say? I am an intrigued duck.

    1. Have Nintendo Land. Need for Speed: Most Wanted U was in the bundle package my wife got me. Got some money from rellies, so I got ‘Scribblenauts Unlimited’ to try and get something the kids would enjoy watching.

      Yes, a long forgotten scene from far back in the story will come back into play 😉

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