DEUSAYADI: Jala, the Child Prophet

Well, the start of another ‘Big Project’…  the brain does not want to churn out the goods in anything resembling order!

This shall be the ‘Deusayadi’ series.

– O –

A girl child, plagued by nightmarish visions since she can remember.

A jaded army general with no faith in humanity or a higher power.

On opposite sides of the world, they are its only hope of survival.

What is uniting two distant lands, each plagued by internal discord, when the world’s survival is at stake?

– O –


The visions began suddenly when I was four.  They were amazing and horrifying then, and remain so a decade later.

Weightless, I float into the skies above Jibrailia.  As in the mountains, the air should thin.  Yet it does not.

I rise until the watery expanse of the Moheetma surrounds my homeland in all directions.  I see that Jibrailia is shaped like a left hand.  Behind me, there is nothing but an expanse of the deepest black.  I am alone.


A robed man floats next to me, bathed in light.  I recognise him from my readings in the Adeem Maktabah of Ba’id Ibhama.

“You are Jibrail?  The wisest of all men?”

A smile crosses his beautiful face.  “I am not wise, my dear.  I am merely a messenger, and you are to be entrusted with an important task.”

“What is it you wish of me?”

“An untainted vessel must deliver the news to the world.  Alilah has foreseen Iblis’ approach to this world, and knows its intent is to destroy.”

“As you will.  I will tell all in Jibrailia.”

Sadness replaces his mirth.  “No, young one.  Your task requires much more than that.  You are the one who must unite all lands to face Iblis.  You must travel to Michahelia, and unite them with Jibrailia.  Only then can the world begin to prepare to face the threat.”

I am confused at his words.  All lands?  Michahelia?  There is only Jibrailia.

“But Jibrailia has always been fractured.  No history has ever recorded it as united.”

“Yet it must be done.”  He gives me a comforting embrace.  “Do not fear for yourself, as I will protect you.  Alilah has entrusted that task to me.”

Flaming balls of rock stream past us.  I watch in horror as they crash into Jibrailia and its surrounding waters.  Tidal waves destroy the coastal towns and pull down mountains, while the inlands burn to cinders.  What life survives, it is engulfed by the darkness that flows from the otherworldly rocks.

Jibrail leads me.  The Moheetma is shown to not be endless, as another land sits on the exact other side of the world.  It is like a mirror of Jibrailia, a right hand to match the left hand.

“This is Michahelia, my child.  It is like your lands, their petty fights sowing discord.  You must travel here, and seek out the warrior they call Cassius Benedictus.  Where you are my representative, Cassius shall be Michahelas’.

“You two must lead the world against Iblis when it arrives.”


4 responses

  1. You have so many irons in the fire! Though I have to confess to being very intrigued by this “Big Project,” I’m still hanging on for the completion of the first “Big Project.” So whassup with that?

    1. So many ideas it is hard to focus on just one!

      BP1 is still ongoing, have no fear. The ideas are slow cooking in the back of my mind =)

    1. Thank you; glad you enjoyed it =)

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